Proyecto Caballo holds events to offer the necessary tools and knowledge to help people linked to horses in the current transition of the horse world.

our events

3rd International Equine Welfare Congress

The idea behind the conference, is to provide people linked to horses with knowledge and practical solutions to prepare them for the tranisition of the horse world towards sustainable models. Topics covered include: 

  • Reciprocal relationships, a win-win situation

  • The tole of equines in todays society

  • Equine cognition and intelligencce

  • proposal for sustainability in horse keeping

  • Sentience as a legal concept



MAY 29-30, 2020



Soon you will be able to participate in video conferences called 'Webinars'.


Topics to be discussed will be made available shortly


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Talks around Spain

We are organizing talks that will take place around Spain to spread the ideas of the 'Introduction of horses in natural spaces' project .


These talks will be an opportunity to learn the necessary tools to reach a sustainable maintenance of equines.


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