May 29-31, 2020

3rd International Equine Welfare Congress (ONLINE)

Attention - Coronavirus notification

Due to the current social situation, the Proyecto Caballo team has decided to adapt the III International Congress of Equine Welfare.


The format will be online and the dates will be kept (May 29, 30, and 31). Each day, video presentations will be open to attendees so that they can enjoy the speakers and their experiences, serving as motivation for your personal projects.


We are currently working on the best platforms to do so, and we hope to announce the new format shortly.

"Dimensions to discover"

The idea behind the congress is to provide knowledge and practical solutions to people linked to horses to make the transition of the horse world towards sustainable models easier, by offering spaces where interdisciplinary collaboration, training, and research are encouraged.


  • Reciprocal Relationships, a win-win situation

  • The role of the horse in today's society

  • Cognition and equine intelligence

  • Sustainable proposals for horse keeping

  • Sentience as a legal concept

Internationally recognized experts and scientists will present their latest on the theme of this year's conference and will also share their vision on different possibilities of application in today's society.

As a novelty, two workshops are organized on the 31st to work on the above during the event and encourage debate and networking among the participants. The idea is to conclude and integrate common proposals that facilitate the solution of current problems. For more information about the workshops click here.

The conference programme will be released in the following weeks.

There will be simultaneous translation throughout the conference.

To see the summary of all speakers at the 2018 Equine Welfare Conference click here.


General :

  • 1 day: € 30

  • 2 days: € 50

  • Workshop (Limit: 30 people / workshop)

    • Interaction and / or coexistence between horses and humans: € 35

    • Sustainable proposals on horse ownership: € 35

Key note speakers

Lucy Rees

The role of horses in today's society

Turid Buvik

Equine cognition

Jane and Stuart Myers

Sustainable horse-keeping

Jo Hockenhull

Human and equine relationships

Karen McComb

Equine behavior, identifying emotions

Arnau Seix

How to advertise and sell products in emerging equestrian markets

Marita Giménez Candela

Sentience as a legal concept

Tamzin Furtado

Human behavior change for the welfare of horses

Wendy Williams

History and evolution of horses and humans.



Emily Kieson- Emerging research in domestic equine social behavior, equine-human interactions and implications for horse-human bonding.


Marine Lecier - The participation of the horse in human activities. A way of working

Marie Martin - Why is it necessary to talk about the sensitivity of the animal and the conscience of man?

Katja Porente - Social media as a force for improving equine welfare

Lee Deigaard - Horse in the museum

Adria Voltes - Animal sensitivity and the post-anthropocentric turn

Katarina Felicia Lundgren - Using cognitive science as a lens and intersubjectivity theory as a theoretical framework to understand equine-human interaction and coexistence